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To convert opportunities into revenue across all products and services.


  • Be the trusted partner of the customer
  • Deliver technical solutions and roadmaps
  • Deliver technical presentations
  • Deliver project costings
  • Manage tender delivery
  • Support project teams during implementation phases with technical leadership.
  • Be true to Mpac Lambert values and business objectives


  • Develop and maintain a full understanding and appreciation of our core competencies so that you can effectively create, present and communicate solutions along with technical features and benefits. This will allow us to become a trusted technical partner/advisor and develop strong long term relationships.
  • Effectively communicate, present and sell the business products and services along with the full range of USP’s.
  • Actively contribute to our strategic account management goals by building relationships with key customer staff. This helps to build trust and respect and enables us to have a stronger overall relationship.
  • Develop roadmaps that take account of technical and commercial risk and ensure our proposed solution can be successfully delivered without undue risk to either us or the customer.
  • Generate representations of technical solutions using flow diagrams, layouts, 3D models and animations to reinforce the explanation of the project delivery. This will enable us to effectively present and sell to the customer and also aid project handover to the business.
  • Support the Sales team during customer visits by providing technical presentation of the concept, features and benefits. This will demonstrate our winning technical approach to both the solution and technical roadmap and will ensure we present our best possible value proposition.


  • Generate accurate costings through the use of established tools and ‘minds-eye’ estimates.   This will deliver accurate project hours to the business for resource planning and ensure tenders are commercially viable and the project schedule is maintained.
  • Evaluate, cost and quote engineering change requests supporting the project’s dedicated Programme Manager. This will ensure that any changes are technically viable and that Mpac Lambert is commercially compensated for the additional work we do.
  • Take full ownership of the technical solution development, associated costings and lead-times but ensure the validation process is followed and delivered. This will ensure full visibility for the main stakeholders and approval of the concept, costs and lead-time.
  • Manage all aspects of the technical tender delivery by creating the appropriate virtual teams (scrum) to ensure we leverage appropriate expertise and historical knowledge. This will ensure previous experience is always best leveraged and we deliver the best value technical solution.
  • Develop specifications for the supply chain partners and ensure they operate in line and with and demonstrate a clear understanding of our needs. This will ensure they provide best value and there are no commercial consequences later during the project phase.
  • Support the project teams during the implementation phases with strategic and technical leadership. This will ensure the business fully leverages the winning strategy, truly understands and maintains the technical roadmap and can deliver a highly successful project and business relationship.
  • Work with all Mpac Lambert colleagues to ensure compliance with ISO14001, ISO9001 and OHSAS18001 and support a culture of Lean and Continuous Improvement by complying with appropriate Standard Operating Procedures. This will ensure that Mpac Lambert retains its accreditation and maintains its position as a provider of high quality service and that its employees are working efficiently and safely.


  • Experience of presenting technical solutions, company presentations and unique selling points.
  • Experience of operating at a senior strategic level with a proven, high level of commercial awareness.
  • Experience in estimating and involvement in commercial tenders.
  • Developed coaching and team management skills.
  • Valid Driving Licence
  • Good negotiation and commercial skills and an understanding of market pricing and competitor influence


  • Technically competent with various software programs, such as Microsoft office, SolidWorks, AutoCAD etc.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills together with strong interpersonal and negotiation skills.


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