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Strategies For Pushing Efficiency To The Max

Today’s manufacturing landscape is competitive, and maintaining competitive, sustainable businesses require organisations to achieve efficiency in manufacturing, keeping a high level of efficiency is crucial, as it impacts total output and customer satisfaction. Making gains with process efficiency takes time and continuous improvement. Mike Lewis, Innovations Director at Mpac Lambert shares his strategies for improving efficiency.

Goals and Expectations

“In the medical and consumer healthcare industries, there is constant pressure to provide quality product, consistent production and exceed expectation. It is important to define clear goals and objectives from the outset to ensure a high level of productivity.”

Understanding Pain Points

“It is important to assess current processes and future productivity needs in order to analyse and identify areas of improvement. Process mapping can be beneficial for implementing improvement processes to ensure quality and efficiency with product production.”

Invest in Quality

“Efficient machines increase overall productivity, and this should be planned in the design phase. Designing durable, accurate machines reduces waste, improves cost-efficiency and creates precise outputs. The right machine working in the right way can provide substantial returns on investments, whilst machines that don’t produce desired results can quickly bring you down. Quality is important.”

Maintain Your Machines

“Maintenance is vital to ensure efficiency levels are being met. Evaluate necessary maintenance schedules and review shut down processes. Planned shutdowns can allow for scheduled maintenance and quality reviews, and avoid costly equipment issues and unplanned maintenance.”

Stay Smart

“Data allows us to determine the conditions required for achieving maximum efficiency. It is important to continually assess the data that you’re receiving to understand which aspects of the process to tweak to optimise process efficiency. Ensure you define the parameters of what you are measuring, then use the analysis of that data to perform process improvements – it’s a continual cycle that helps significantly improve process efficiency.”

Strategies For Pushing Efficiency To The Max