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When you choose Mpac Lambert for automation, you get machines with advanced technology that report in real-time to alert you earlier so you can intervene sooner. The result? Higher productivity, less downtime and minimal risk of serious equipment damage.

You’ll also receive around the clock support from our online and telephone helpdesk. Our team of experts can work seamlessly with your in-house expertise to complement your own resources. You’ll get expert support and complete data analysis of any data retrieved from your machines.

Remote Monitoring

Embedded technology makes your new machines visible online, so they can report control system status and detect errors in real-time.

Expert Access

Our experts can connect to the control system to give you a complete review of equipment performance.

Actionable Information

We can analyse the data from your machinery to give you recommendations for action.

Easy Navigation

Each product contains advanced HMI interfaces to make system navigation easy. You can also opt for video screens for preventative maintenance.

Seamless Integration

Our data logging system can be integrated with real-time data collection, supervisory control and data acquisition systems.

Complete Control Of Data

You can easily set (and modify) permissions, for what data is shared with Mpac and when, to maintain strict business confidentiality.