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We know that consistent uptime is critical for sustained success. So with Mpac, installation is just the start. Our combination of regular preventative maintenance and on-demand repairs keeps your machines in prime condition, maximising your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Along with deploying technicians to your site for field service, we provide project management, outage planning, spare parts, advice and upgrade recommendations as a part of our total customer support service.

Our maintenance services are just one part of our comprehensive, flexible services programme.
We can provide stress-free assistance with any of the following:


With six operating sites in the UK, Canada and the Netherlands, plus sales and service locations in Singapore and Thailand, our global service team can support you, wherever you are.

Spare Parts

Quality-assured original parts, stocked locally, to minimise business disruption.

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Remote Support

An efficient way to keep your machine in flawless condition and get data-driven insights.

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Product Training

World-class operator training for unprecedented productivity.

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Modernisations and Upgrades

Expert recommendations to help maximise lifetime performance and adapt to new needs.

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Service Agreements

Comprehensive maintenance contracts that fix budgets and guarantee priority service.

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