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We know speed to market is key. But we know every business is different. So our fast, flexible platforms offer configuration without compromise.

Our ingenious engineers have created the perfect adaptable platform for every need. Each machine is designed with a flexible foundation so you can add the components you require fast.


Modular building blocks

Our pre-defined sections can be combined in multiple ways to deliver whatever process you require, at a fraction of the lead time for first of a kind (FOAK) systems.

Standardised design

Standardised building elements, module mounting and pneumatic layout make our machines faster to build, easier to maintain and more cost effective.

Scalable development

We look ahead in our initial consultancy, so when you start with Proto then want to scale up to medium- or high-volume, everything’s already been considered. Consistent technologies mean you can develop and roll out without risk, for complete confidence.

Plug and play

Pre-configured screens and menus, and modular control software, get you up and running from day one.

Additional benefits

Reduced total cost of ownership, shorter lead times, lower energy use, higher reliability, world-class OEE, smaller footprints, efficient validation, no fault forward, remote diagnosis.

Diablo: assembly with adaptability

When you’re looking for assembly with added flexibility, our Diablo range delivers.

Calima: converting, reconfigured.

Meet today’s converting needs, and adapt to tomorrow’s, with our ingenious Calima range.

Why partner with Mpac Lambert?


Personal approach

You’re not just getting a product, you’re gaining a partner. We listen to your unique needs then configure our platforms to fit.


Global reach, local service

With offices around the world, and a truly international team, we’re used to doing business in many different countries and cultures. We speak your language, in every sense.


Digital Automation Upgrades

Reduce travel and enhance visualisation with Augmented Reality, AI and Digital Twinning.


Expert consultancy

Our experts have years of experience across different materials, processes and sectors, for world-class results.


Whole line

Everything from R&D to palletised products, overseen in-house.


Innovation without risk

Engage our technical consultants to get support with your product innovation. Our expert ‘3D thinking’ considers the creative, commercial and technical dimensions to arrive at elegant, practical solutions.