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As new technologies proliferate, it can be difficult for your company to keep up.

The solution? A technology alliance with Mpac Lambert.

Our global network of expert partners, across sectors and technical specialisms, means we can assess and develop new technologies and help you decide which are most beneficial for you.

Whether it’s the latest vision, laser or robotic technology, our partners are as committed to your success as we are.

Their input also allows us to prove the characteristics of a given process even before orders for it are placed. In fact, many of our relationships are so close that we can have a ‘wish list’ of needs implemented in fields where the technologies don’t currently exist.

At their heart, these partnerships are about knowledge and confidence. They give you all the benefits of new technology without the risk.

The Aerosol Society is a scientific, non-profit organisation aimed at extending knowledge and supporting the study of airborne particles.

Like Mpac Lambert, The Aerosol Society invests in the future of its people and actively supports the early careers of scientists. This shared value, alongside its commitment to industry research, creates a partnership that helps us to provide expert industry knowledge to our customers at every step.

The Aerosol Society
Office F04A, Kestrel Court
BS20 7AN


Make UK champions and celebrates British manufacturing and manufacturers by empowering individuals to inspire the next generation.

At Mpac Lambert, our people are at the heart of our business, so we invest in their future. Every year our apprentices are given the opportunity to take part in the TAD E project so they can become leaders of tomorrow.

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Made Smarter was formed to implement three key changes to UK manufacturing: More ambitious leadership. More innovation in developing new technologies, And faster implementation and adoption of those technologies.

As part of Mpac, we champion this cause with our innovation centre as well as utilising a modular platform system to allow our clients to be flexible and adapt faster to often unseen changes.

Made Smarter
The Growth Company
Lee House
90 Great Bridgewater Street
M1 5JW