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Creating ingenious machines requires proven processes configured within a Modular design. Whatever you need.

Our core competencies

Product assembly

Whether you require the design of devices, semi-automatic production or fully automatic production systems, we can help you develop tailored machinery to meet your needs. From pre-fabrication of sub-assemblies to final assembly of your product, our innovative assembly platforms and proven process modules offer you clarity at every step.

Web converting

When manufacturing multi-layer goods, it is vital to be fully aware of the properties and behaviour of your individual web materials. Our years of experience and expertise means we can offer you personalised solutions, using modular technologies, whatever your challenge.

Special packaging

Our group’s heritage was built on packing products so we have the right knowledge and tools to help you design packaging solutions to protect and promote products whatever your sector. To meet your specifications, we have highly refined packaging equipment at your disposal from primary and secondary to end of line requirements.

Special processing

To introduce innovative products to emerging markets, it’s a huge benefit to have the capability to merge new processes with established ones. Our consultants will advise you and create stable processes that ensure you’re first to market, and well positioned to scale up anywhere in the world.

Filling and dosing

We have years of experience in precision dosing and filling of liquids and powders from pharma to consumer applications in a wide range of markets. Whether you require new dispensing technology or seek to incorporate established methods to your existing application, as your partner of choice, we’re here to help you meet your needs.

Our Processes



It’s critical to create a stable and predictable feeding process to ensure maximum availability.

  • Vibratory
  • Smart Feed
  • Tray
  • Manual
  • Unwind


Proven processes configured to suit your every need.

  • Snap
  • Push
  • Mate
  • Clip
  • Bond
  • Weld


Track & Trace at component, assembly or packaged stage with confidence.

  • Laser
  • Ink Jet
  • Label


Precision dosing Technologies configured to suit the unique characteristics of your compounds. Whatever you need.

  • Powder
  • Liquid


Inspection is critical to ensuring World Class OEE. Our proven Modular Solutions ensure consistency and confidence.

  • Flow
  • Push/Pull
  • Vision
  • Pressure
  • Weigh

Material Treatment

Proven Process Modules to meet your every Material conditioning requirements.

  • Plasma
  • Corona

Out Feeding

Seamless transition to downstream processes with readymade handling solutions.

  • Collate
  • Bin
  • Tray
  • Puck
  • Box


Incorporating partner technology or our own proven solutions. Consider it done.

  • Flow Wrap
  • Blister
  • Seal
  • Carton
  • Banner
  • Clam shell

SMART Device Assembly

Incorporate Flexible or Rigid Electronics into next generation products.

  • Insertion
  • Calibration
  • ATE


Accuracy & consistency in cutting materials reduces waste and improves the consumer experience.

  • Punching
  • Laser
  • Rotary Die