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We know that exceptional brighter minds make better machines. And that exceptional service requires remarkable people. So we find and nurture the finest minds.

Alex Hinsley

What’s your favourite part of your job? 

Finding new ways to manufacture components more efficiently and creating a higher standard every day.

Why use Mpac Lambert instead of one of the standard big companies?

Mpac Lambert offers everything you need and more. If you have an idea, we can engineer it into a concept that works. We all work together to make sure it’s a 110% success.

How would you describe Mpac Lambert’s culture?

Mpac Lambert is one big family that looks after everyone. If someone falls, then everyone else helps pick them up. Without them, I wouldn’t be the highly skilled engineer I am today.

How would you sum up Mpac Lambert’s approach in a word? 


Mike Lewis

What does ‘ingenious automation’ mean to you? 

From adding value to boosting our clients’ market position or improving the life of the end-user, ingenious automation is something that hasn’t been done before. It could be a new technology or a clever integration method.

How do Mpac Lambert offer automation with a human touch? 

Collaboration is key. We succeed when we work well with people. Our values are built around engagement, development and empowerment. Automation is just the end product, it’s the experience during each creation that brings our clients back again and again.

How are Mpac Lambert empathetic in terms of what clients need? 

We see a big picture of our clients pain points and build this into our products and services. We invest in their strategic vision and objectives.

How would you sum up Mpac Lambert’s approach in a word? 



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