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Are You Operating At Maximum Efficiency?

Today’s manufacturing landscape is competitive, and maintaining a profitable, sustainable business requires organisations to achieve efficiencies across each stage of the value stream. Creating and sustaining efficiencies can be challenging, affected by a growing competitive marketplace, shifts in consumer demand, introduction of new technologies, rising raw material costs as well as process change management obstacles. So how do you know if you’re operating efficiently?

Mike Lewis, Innovations Director at Mpac Lambert tells us that efficiency losses most commonly due to equipment failure, reduced run speeds, product flow obstructions, process defects and human influence.

“Equipment failures result in unplanned downtime due to machine breakdowns or emergency maintenance stops. Poorly maintained equipment can result in reduced run speeds, whilst idling and minor stops can be caused by product flow obstructions, process defects and human influence.

“Whilst manufacturing will remain your primary focus, preventative maintenance services are essential to minimising downtime and maximising your bottom line. At Mpac Lambert, we have a dedicated aftersales team that provides you with a through-life aftersales service, to evaluate machine efficiency, prevent loss and install counter-measures that are necessary. We tailor our after care services specifically to your needs, to ensure the manufacturing equipment operates under optimal conditions, at the highest quality, cost-effectively,” says Mike.

The introduction of IoT connected devices in the medical and consumer healthcare markets has helped to implement pre-emptive rather than post-hoc maintenance, minimising downtime and improving the effectiveness of changeovers and adjustments.

“The advancements in technology and the introduction of IoT connected devices plays an important role. IoT connected devices allow us to capture knowledge in real-time, in a cost-effective way. This way, we know exactly what’s happening in the field and can put solutions in place before problems arise” he adds.

Are You Operating At Maximum Efficiency?