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Complex assembly

Developing a cost-effective and robust product faces new challenges as single-use diagnostic devices require the accurate laydown, bonding and laminating of delicate and expensive materials, reagent deposition and calibrated sensors. The ability to achieve high yields and speed is key.

Patient application

When designing devices to be used by untrained patients, they need to be ergonomic, with haptic materials and packaging.

Speed to market

In a competitive and innovative sector, it's important to have a scalable production model. This allows us to manufacture first to market pilot quantities, reliably and cost-effectively. This requires validated processes to ramp up production volume to meet global demand rapidly.


Through process development and product design for manufacturing, our consultant engineers are here to advise you every step of the way – from technology, materials and handling to product assembly.

We ensure our product assembly processes are robust, stable and scalable to give you a competitive advantage at every stage of the development process.


You’ll have our support at every stage of the development process, from research and development to pilot and first production machines to repeated lines. We ensure precision machinery is deployed successfully every time. And afterwards, you’ll be supported by our dedicated customer service team, wherever you are in the world.

Research and development (R&D)

Our process and product specialists provide product consultancy, ready-made process solutions and trails.

  • Device assembly trails
  • Material consultancy

Development cells

We provide R&D automation process development cells including electrical, pneumatic, control and motion elements. And we specialise in rapid and early automation, introducing automation process validation in a controlled environment.

Pilot line

We provide platform-based solutions for low volume production batches. Either fully automated or semi-automated with operators safely interacting with the machinery. All the benefits of launching to market with a scalable investment – rapid, safe, validated and affordable.


Everything from fully automated solutions, scaling up validated processes to incorporating feeding, inspection and downstream processes. This includes primary packaging, cartoning, case packing and palleting.

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Special Packaging

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Capabilities at Mpac Lambert

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