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Are you a manufacturer of injectable devices looking to build an efficient, sustainable, and scalable production line?

With demand for auto-injectors reaching all-time highs across global markets, you have to ensure your equipment can perform at maximum efficiency, with minimum waste, 24/7.

Thankfully, our flexible modules are precisely engineered to inject maximum efficiency into your manufacturing pipeline. Whether producing low commercial volumes or switching gear to high-volume runs, they will effortlessly maximise output without sacrificing an inch on yield.

Quality and reliability

Our modules are precisely engineered for maximum output in injectables production.

The vision system is a vital component which self-checks accuracy and positioning of code placement on injectable devices for peace of mind when it comes to track-and-trace compliance.

Speed to market

Our module prototypes speed up the validation process, getting your products to market with lightning speed.


Able to handle any device shape, size, or format.

Reconfigurable to suit your bespoke needs.


Ultra-quick format changes with low adjustment time and downtime.

Able to handle large-scale production with minimal waste.


High yield volumes.

High energy efficiency.

100% scalable for future growth.

Forget what you know about the limits of injectables solutions. Whether you require standard or tailored automation solutions, the capabilities of our industry-leading modules are endless.

Our world-beating experts will take the time to listen to your bespoke needs and advise you on the best solution for your injectables production line. We ensure our processes are robust, stable and scalable to give you the most cost-effective packaging automation on the market with the highest equipment efficiency.

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